"Most women over 35 are fearful of having a baby because they view the common misconceptions as truth.  My goal is to ease their fear by exposing myths with facts. I want the first time older mom to have support as she works with her physician to ensure the best health care possible!"

Cynthia Wilson James, first-time over 40 mom of two daughters, founder of InSeason Mom, educator-writer- speaker and former childbirth instructor
"support for first time moms over 35"
"Cynthia Wilson James had her first child at 42 and her second at 44. She's just the person you want to reassure you about the possibilities of later-in-life motherhood."   The State Newspaper
Natural conception after 25 years of infertility, this Mom of the Month has baby!

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Mental Preparation for Pregnancy

Trying to become pregnant over 35 and 40(information overload)?
What to try and what not to try? Discover ways to help you sort through the trying to conceive information.

Want to get pregnant after 35 or 40: stop blaming and start forgiving
Abortions, not marrying the right one or marrying too late, not paying attention to biological clock, too career-oriented are just a few of the thousands of reasons that women torment themselves for not being able to get pregnant over 35 and 40.


You Can Have A Healthy Pregnancy After 35
There is not an expectant mother alive who hasn’t had some anxiety about her baby’s health. Here are tips to help you achieve a healthy midlife pregnancy.

Easing the discomforts of pregnancy
At one time or another during pregnancy. most women will experience some discomfort. Here are tips to help you ease the discomforts:

Emotional Health During Pregnancy

First time Mom Over 35: Pregnancy Emotional Support
If you are a first time mom over 35 and 40, finding emotional support for your pregnancy can be as be as challenging as getting a colicky baby to stop crying.

First Time Mom Over 40: Avoid These Three Things
Three things an expectant first time mom over 40 should avoid.

Pregnancy Over 40 Survival Tips
If your are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant over 40,these tips will help.

Announcing Your Pregnancy

Telling your family and friends about your over 40 pregnancy
Whether you decide to tell the world or wait for a while, here are a few pointers to prepare you in telling your big news.

Telling your stepchildren about your pregnancy
Congratulations, you’re expecting your first baby! You have one other thing that many first time expectant moms don’t have: a stepchild.

Misconceptions About Older Parenthood

First Time Mom Over 40: Myths We Still Believe
There are still lingering myths, especially about first-time moms over 35 that we believe.

Midlife Motherhood Myths Dispelled by a Midlife Mom
Along with dispelling three of the most common misconceptions, learn how my grandfather dancing at his 100th birthday party dispelled one of the major misconceptions.

Featured Mom
Check out this Month’s featured mom.

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InSeason Mom Cynthia Interviewed:

Delayed Motherhood

Biological Clock Ticks Longer

In Keeping With The Season

             "everything has a season"
Cynthia's daughters (pictured above and below)
Check out the inspirational interviews from women in their late 30s and in their 40s who gave birth to babies against all odds. Each has a special story of overcoming adversity with faith and courage.